Sunday, September 27, 2009

Got Tide?

Our late night run to CVS:

Our late night run to CVS:

1st transaction:
4 Tide Coldwater
1 Dawn

4 $1 off Tide coupons
1 $0.25 off Dawn coupon
$5/$25 coupon for taking the flu quiz on the CVS website

Total: $16.15
ECBs: $10

2nd transaction:
1 Twin Pack Opti-Free Contact Solution

$4.00 off Opti Free Twin Pack coupon
$10 ECB

Total: $2.04
ECBS: $2

3rd transaction:
(some candy that did not make it into the picture...)
I went ahead and used my ECBs because I rarely go to CVS and didn't want them to expire.

$2 ECB

Total: $2.48

Total amount before coupons: $59.63
Total spent: $20.67
Total saved: $38.96 (65%)

And we won't need laundry detergent for a loooong time. :)

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  1. So .... maybe we need to send Caitlin down to y'all's place for her next laundry weekend!


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