Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harris Teeter- Sept 12

9.73 lbs of chicken, $1.66/lb
2 HT Cereals, e-vic special
2 Velveetas
2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 Breakstone Sour Cream, $5 coupon for velveeta, cream cheese, and sour cream
4 Campbell Soups, $0.25/4 coupon that doubled

Total Value: $73.60
Total Spent: $25.16
Total Saved: $48.44 (65%)

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  1. So... I went to Kroger today and with my coupons, I saved 35%, which is probably.... ok, the most I've ever saved with coupon-ing so far! (I think last grocery trip I saved 24%?) I knew I had to tell you because I thought about you the whole time I was shopping. Hope you and J are doing well!!!


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