Friday, November 6, 2009

Brookshire's and Kroger - November 6

A small week really, but a good one!


2 Chlorox Bleach, on sale for $1.50 each, used $0.50/2 coupon that tripled
1 gallon milk, on sale for $2.69

Total before: $8.64
Total spent: $4.59
Total saved: $4.05 (49%)

And seems like Brookshire's is not tripling internet coupons these days. :( So I didn't get my Cheerios or my Chex mix.


1 Heinz Gravy, had coupon for free one
1 can cranberry sauce, on sale for $1
1 sour cream
*5 Minute Maid Lemonade
*4 Tombstone Pizzas
*1 Betty Crocker Potato, used $0.50 coupon that doubled, $0.40 e-coupon
2.36 lbs of apples
1.93 lbs chicken, on sale for $1.87/lb

*** Mega Event, buy 10 items, get $5 off ***

Total before: $43.03
Total spent: $25. 79
Total saved: $ 17.24 (41%)

Got back $2 catalina for buying 4 tombstone pizzas (which is why I waited until today)

And we now have enough pizzas to get our $15 rebate! Pretty good deal since it's pizza we would eat anyway.

Kroger has also been giving out catalinas for MIDAS oil changes and tire rotations. We used one today and saved $10!

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