Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brookshire's and Kroger - October 21

Before I recap today's trips, I wanted to mention a trip to Brookshire's on Monday. I went in for 1 Betty Crocker Warm Delight that was on sale for $1.50. I used a $0.50 coupon that tripled. My total was $0.04, but then I brought my own bag, so they took $0.05 off, paying me a penny! Yeah, they handed me a penny! Total savings 103%!

Apparently, today was meat day at Brookshire's:

4 1.2lb packages of ground turkey, on sale B1G1 for a penny
2 Butterball Turkey Bacon, on sale B1G1 for a penny, used a $0.55 coupon that tripled and a $1.00 coupon (paid $0.35 for both packages!!)
2 Jimmy Dean Sausages, on sale B1G1 for a penny

Total before sales/coupons: $26.24
Total spent: $10.87
Total saved: $15.37 (60%)

Kroger was a little difficult, but we still managed to save a lot!

Transaction #1:
4 Pillsbury biscuits, used 2 $0.30/2 coupons that doubled

Total: $2.14 (saved $1.20)

Got back $2 catalina off next order

Transaction #2

12 Yoplait Yogurts, on sale for $0.50 each, used 2 $0.50/6 e-coupons, the cashier did not scan my paper coupons correctly, so those did not come off :(
*1 Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, on sale for $2.50, used $0.55 coupon that doubled
*1 Vanilla Almond Shredded Wheat, on sale for $2.50, used $0.55 coupon that doubled
*2 Nut Clusters, on sale for $2.50, used $1.00 coupon, $1.00 e-coupon, $0.50 coupon that doubled, $0.40 e-coupon (was supposed to be $1.00)
2 Kroger Shredded Cheese, on sale B1G1
2 1/2 gallons of milk, on sale for $1.49 (cheaper than a gallon!)
10 Michelina's, on sale for $0.78, used 2 $1.00/5 coupons
2 Byran Hot Dogs, on sale 2 for $4, used $1/2 coupon
2 Keebler Cookies, on sale for B1G1, wouldn't take my coupon :(
1 Kroger Hot Dog Buns, $0.88

used $2 catalina from previous transaction

Total before: $63.44
Total spent: $24.47
Total saved: $38.97 (63%)

Total for the day: spent $37.84, saved 60%, so overall a pretty good day!


  1. Wow! I have only been shopping at Kroger, but i think a trip to brookshires might be in order.

  2. I don't shop at Brookshire's often because it is more expensive. But when there is a good sale and I have coupons, I am so there!

  3. So I went by Brookshires on Ridgewood today to get some turkey bacon and ground turkey. I had the .55 q and the dollar one as well. They wouldn't triple the .55 one because it said no doubling and they wouldn't scan 2 coupons since it was buy one get one for a penny. I argued that i was still buying 2 product and they should let me use 2 coupons, even talked to manager, but they wouldn't let me. Sooooo frustrating!! I'm glad they let you do it, but i wish they would be consistant. Think I will stick with Kroger :)

  4. I go to the one on Old Canton in Ridgeland because the one on Ridgewood is not very coupon friendly! Of course, I had trouble at Kroger this week using 2 coupons with B1G1 free sales. So frustrating!


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